Self Love - Importance of Me time

Women wear several hats; they are working in their businesses, raising children, and playing other roles in society. They are busy in those roles that they forget about themselves. They do not give their lives the attention it deserves. While we are supposed to juggle between these roles, it is important to allocate some “me” time – a moment when we think about ourselves, meditate, reflect back, exercise, and do all those things that make us feel good. This is self-love; if we are to perform our roles successfully, we need to start by loving ourselves. It is only through self-love that we build self-confidence, and be ready to face the challenges that life throws to us.

Self-love meditation is an integral part of any woman who would like to boost her self-esteem and self-confidence, two invaluable qualities that define a successful woman both at home and in business. Making time for self-love meditation at least several times a day, in the morning and evening or any other time when we feel free, will give us real benefits. By creating an inner calm within, we gain an essential life skill that can truly and permanently transform our lives.

By focusing a few minutes on a self-love moment, we are building positive feelings. We create more happy experiences by helping us connect with our inner self, as well as with others. You will also find that others become more positive towards you; you will attract people and they will become more comfortable with you.  We start self-love to create a “me” moment, but in the end, we achieve more than that; we attract positive energy which in return draw others towards us.  We inspire others and our lives become more meaningful than ever before.

With self-love meditation, you:

  • Reduce stress
  • Train and rewire your brain
  • Connect with others better
  • Focus on your mind
  • Fight whatever comes your way
  • Increase your concentration level

You should not feel guilty when you create time for self-love; it only shows that you care for others, as you cannot love them when you do not love yourself.  It is not selfish to self-love or makes your happiness a priority; it is a necessary part of life for any woman who looks to be successful, a part of female empowerment. Lady Charlotte has been practicing self-love and it’s a large part of  LIP© Ladies in Power.