Meet the CEO- Lady Charlotte Armstrong

“A successful woman is the one who can build a foundation with the bricks, others have thrown at her.”

Lady Charlotte Armstrong is one such woman. With her phenomenal vision and dedication, she has become one of the most influential woman entrepreneurs.

After introducing a successful hair care line, she initiated a platform where female entrepreneurs could come together to talk about their life struggles, failures, and hurdles before touching the victory.

The platform is the LIP© podcast. Successful women entrepreneurs are invited weekly to share their life stories with Lady Charlotte to motivate other women dreaming of standing on their feet.

Lady Charlotte is one of those rare women who believe in empowering women, and success for her is to bring about positive changes in other’s life.

Actual power, according to her, lies in empowering others. Her success mantra is not to compete with other women instead uplifting them and building a tribe of successful women together.