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About Me

Lady Charlotte Multi Business Entrepreneur, Mother of 5 , Actress & Philanthropist.

Growing up both behind and in front of the camera staring in British Cult Hit Show Grange Hill , Hope & Glory along with Modelling on This Morning with Richard & Judy.Or going behind the scenes on 90’s British Cult Classics shows like Chanel 4’s Big Breakfast and the Word.

Production has always been a big part of Lady Charlotte’s early life. “I have always been Entrepreneurial without even realising it at the time whether it was acting , negotiating my paper round with my local newsagent at 11 , babysitting , working in a restaurants on the weekends. Still having time to train 3 times a week with England Ladies Youth Athletic Team after being scouted at 9 going on to be County Champion 200m Track Runner at 12. Working hard training and preparation has been installed in me for as long as I can remember. “

Becoming a mother for the first time at the tender age of 17 whilst training in the beauty industry. Working on a variety of Beauty Concessions on London’s Oxford Street’s Faboulous Department Stores going up the ranks to Manage a team of 5 by the age of 24.

Now with two children negotiated and started her very own beauty Salon which was sold and 3 years later for a profit.

Going onto have 5 market stalls along with variety of pop up Stalls across London selling Children’s wear all within 1 year.

Taking on a different direction of Consultant Led Sales reaching 7 figure individual annual Sales. Quadrupling targets going on to be the Highest and fastest grossing Sales Associate in the Companies history.

– Lady Charlotte x

“Life has definitely thrown some heavy challenges my way from Homelessness, Bad Relationships, Abuse, abandonment and Trauma from childhood I could never understand why these things happened to me until I understood that unlocking Trauma was the key to finding my POWER .

“This is how LIP Ladies in Power was born and created.

During the Pandemic of COVID-19 juggling home schooling with older daughters. Now married with younger children 2 , 1 and pregnant with 5th baby ( official lockdown baby) Balancing every single challenge you can imagine but still finding the Positivity and Strength to create the Positive Sisterhood of LIP Ladies In Power.

Connecting other women to a empower and support each other as the whole world was dealing with so many challenges all at the same time.

“Everyone has challenges in life I believe it’s how we grow and learn from each and every challenge we face.
Having the right mindset, motivation and community is key.

”Going back and giving back is extremely important to Lady Charlotte working as an Ambassador for the Marylebone Project Women’s Homeless Shelter where Lady Charlotte was once a resident to help raise awareness and inspire the residents with Entrepreneurial Spirit.

“Anything is possible ….with the right determination and mindset , preparation and heart you can attract all of the positive light life has to offer “

– Lady Charlotte x

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